As a business, your office have numerous administrative tasks it has to undertake e.g. communicating and managing your emails, completing presentations for your clients, setting up systems and much more.


There may be a document of a delicate and confidential nature that needs to be professionally completed.


You have decided to write that novel / poetry that you have been thinking of for a while now.


Family history – you have all the information but not sure how to present it?


A Powerpoint or Word presentation that needs a professional ‘touch’


However, you cannot justify employing staff on a part-time or full-time basis for these tasks.


Why not try outsourcing some of these tasks. MLSS have a dedicated team of professionals who can provide you with competent, personal, and professional Virtual Office services to assist you for the time you require it.


Our middle name is “Deadline”!!


MLSS have a team of ladies who can assist you with small, medium and large projects.


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