Are you becoming more and more frustrated with the look of your presentation?
Do you want to ‘win that large client’ and feel that this presentation is not going to cut it?

Let me give you a suggestion: it is all about ‘light and shade’ i.e. your presentation has to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye!

Make your PowerPoint ‘talk’ and ‘win’ that client!!
Do you have a logo?
Do you have a ‘tagline?
Use your branding in your presentation.

Don’t have time?
Don’t really understand properly how to use PowerPoint?

Do you know that once you have your PowerPoint completed, you are able to convert this presentation into Word and add logos, tables, graphs etc?

Example: Our client was at the airport on his way to Melbourne for an important meeting. Suddenly he realised that he had omitted from dictating a major part of his presentation before he had left his office. Using his mobile, he was able to dictate this information and send it to MLSS. By the time he arrived in Melbourne, he opened his laptop and the presentation had been sent to him, completed on time and BEFORE his presentation?

Don’t try to do it all yourself!
Call a professional to assist.

Contact us to see how we can help you

And as they say: “You focus on the areas you do best, and pass on the rest to MLSS”


We help business owners to spend time focusing on specific areas of their business, by supporting them with virtual office secretarial tasks, either face-to-face or remote and within their deadline.