For those of you running your own business. Remember working ON the business is just as important as working IN the business. Be sure to take the time to nurture existing contacts and build new ones.


Relationships are the key. Good connections are the way to go. You never know when you are meeting someone for the first time, what that connection can offer you and opportunities that may develop from that contact.


The best way to find good connections is through networking. There are plenty of ways to approach this. You could ask your friends and family if they have anyone who could help you, you could research possible connections on your own, or you could go to networking events.


Not many people are born ready to network, and building a real business connection with a complete stranger can be a difficult process. However, when attending networking events on a regular basis these ‘strangers’, once you connect with them, will be ‘ongoing connections’.


Tip: When meeting someone at a networking event, don’t talk about yourself, but engage with the person and ask them questions about themselves. Don’t expect business from this ‘stranger’ straight away. It may not happen. It takes time and patience to build relationships through networking events that you attend.


Remember: Every business person you meet at a networking event, seminar or in day to day meetings have a database of possible contacts who could assist in your business and vice versa. Therefore you make a connection and begin to develop a business relationship with them. This takes time and will include communication between you, to allow you both to become confident and comfortable in referring each other to your contact/s.


MLSS has been continually attending at networking events and groups for over 20 years. We refer our clients to other business associates and individuals in their wider circle of connections, which has been developed over this time. We welcome the opportunity of working and assisting you in the future.


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