Upload Documents

To send MLSS a file (4MB or less in size) please click the Browse button below. Once you’ve selected the file on your computer please click the Send button.

To upload a file to MLSS larger than 4mb we use a program called ‘Dropbox’.  You will need to download the software for Dropbox by selecting the appropriate file for your operating system below:


Dropbox for Windows

Mac OS X

Dropbox for Mac

How do I create a shared folder?

Dropbox lets you share your folders with others by creating a new shared folder or sharing an existing one. Once you add other members to the folder, it will appear in your friends or colleagues own Dropbox just as it does in yours. Any changes made to the shared folder’s contents will appear instantaneously to everyone who is a member of the folder.

Create a New Shared Folder

To create a new shared folder from the Dropbox website, click on the Share a folder button from the Files or Sharing tab of your Dropbox account.

Share an Existing Folder

To share an existing folder, the folder has to be in your Dropbox folder. You can create a folder in your Dropbox folder just as you would anywhere else on your hard drive.

Using the Dropbox desktop application on Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Open your Dropbox folder
  2. Right-click on the folder you want to share. This displays a drop-down menu
  3. Select Dropbox > Share This Folder… This will send you to the sharing page on the Dropbox website

    Select Share This Folder… from the contextual menu

  4. Enter the email addresses of whomever you want to add to your shared folder
  5. Add a personal message if you’d like and click Share folder

Using the Dropbox website

  1. Log in to your account and locate the folder you want to share
  2. Move your mouse over the folder. Click on the triangle that appears when the folder is highlighted.
  3. Choose Share this folder from the drop-down menu

    Select Share This Folder from the website drop-down menu
  4. Enter the email addresses of whomever you want to add to your shared folder
  5. Add a personal message if you’d like and click Share folder

When you share a folder in one of the ways described above, we will immediately send email invitations to the addresses you provided. These invitations tell the recipients that you’ve shared a folder with them and gives them a link to accept your invite.

Once they accept your invitation, the folder will appear in their Dropbox account.

For Our Advanced Users
  • You can’t share a folder from within your Public folder
  • You can’t share a folder inside another shared folder. The folder is already shared
  • Anyone you’ve invited to a folder can then add, delete or change files within that folder
  • Anyone you’ve invited to a folder can then invite others to join the folder
  • Only the creator of the shared folder can remove people from the folder
  • If two people both open and edit a file in a shared folder at the same time, Dropbox will save both of their changes, but in separate files. It does not try to automatically combine or merge changes. Read our help article on conflicting changes to learn more about how this works.

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Send an email: marsha@mlss.com.au or give us a call on: (02) 9417 6087 when you have completed the above tasks and we will confirm receipt.