Hi, I am Marsha Lake, the Principal of MLSS.

Before starting MLSS, I worked as a Secretary, Personal Secretary and Executive Assistant in various positions in the insurance, transport, sales and marketing and chemical industries. In these roles I was responsible for coordinating and supervising staff members on a daily basis for a number of years.

I left my last job when I became pregnant with my first born. After twelve months my son had settled into a routine, I had a Selectric IBM Golf Ball typewriter given to me by a previous employer which was ‘gathering dust’ at home.  I thought “maybe I can put this to good use by starting a typing business?”

I knew that I had been a very experienced, proficient secretary for many years and thought “how hard could it be?”

It was a bit more daunting than I first thought. How do I drum up business to get my first couple of clients? Well, I walked the streets in a half an hour radius from my home.

After knocking on doors, I met a real estate agent who was extremely frustrated. His secretary was away sick and he did not know when she would be back at work. I introduced myself, explained that I had a typing business and just asked if I could help him.

I walked out of the office with a huge pile of confidential files and struggled to walk back to my house! That was how I gained my first job and MLSS began.

Why you should choose MLSS

As the Principal of MLSS, I am your point of contact ensuring personal service is guaranteed. I value your business and want your experience with MLSS to be special, fulfilling, mutually successful, with continual ‘humour’ and ‘friendship’ along the way.

I grew up working in our family printing business in the U.K. This taught me to have an acute ‘eye for detail’, a good command of the English language and become a ‘perfectionist’ on the presentation of all work that MLSS completes.

I co-ordinate a team of ladies who are trained personally by me, ensuring you receive the same level of professionalism and confidentiality at all times.

Each member of the MLSS team has a specialty, allowing us to have the capacity to support a wide range of business owners within their secretarial and administration activities and within their deadlines.

We have a saying around the MLSS office that ‘our middle name is deadline’!!!

Continuous communication with our clients enables us to adapt to the changing nature of growing businesses, allowing us to support them effectively along the way.

As I have been in business for over 35 years, I have established a large network of business associates in varied industries. So if there is a project that requires more specialised services, then MLSS will collaborate and co-ordinate with these associates to ensure your project needs are met.

Oh yes, I am a Justice of the Peace, so I can sign any legal documentation for you at any time.

I look forward to working with you. Give me a call personally to discuss your requirements.

Contact us to see how we can help you