I decided that I wanted to be my own boss – but how could I do it?

Hello, I’m Marsha Lake, the owner of Marsha Lake Secretarial Services.

I was born in the UK and during school holidays would work in my late father’s printing company, where I learnt many tasks including general layout and proofreading.

Upon arriving in Australia I worked with employers for many years as a Junior Secretary and thereafter a respected Secretary and Executive Secretary, responsible for many staff and I became an ‘organising expert’ and a ‘time management specialist’!

In my last job as an Executive Secretary for a CEO, I had become pregnant. During this time I reflected on whether I wanted to work for an employer when I returned to the workforce or start my own typing business.

After a year I decided that I wanted to be my own boss – but how could I do it? How do you run a business anyway?

Walking the streets near my home, I met the manager of a real estate agency who required typing assistance and walked out of his office with piles of work! That’s how MLSS began, 41 years ago! Has it been that long?

Now I am becoming a co-author of a global book, being published in February 2024 along with 44 other successful businesswomen from Australia and around the world. Who would have thought?

What have I learnt over the years? My team and I have built up a long and very successful business with myself at the helm, being natural, honest, down-to-earth, sense of humour, hard-working, confidential and with a professional approach. I have built up trust and long friendships from clients that I have had the privilege of working with over the years.

Always happy to chat on the phone and look forward to speaking to you to discuss your requirements.


Why you should choose MLSS

As the owner of MLSS, I am your ‘point of contact’, ensuring personal service is guaranteed.

I value your business and want your experience with MLSS to be special, fulfilling, mutually successful, with continual ‘humour’ and ‘friendship’ along the way.

I collaborate and coordinate with a team of ladies in many other areas who offer specialty services which complement our business and allows MLSS to offer our clients additional services, working with myself, at all times.

We have a saying around the MLSS office that ‘our middle name is deadline’!!!

MLSS are mindful that continuous communication with our clients is a ‘must’. We aim to support our clients in every way, including the growing nature of their business, new technology, listening and supporting them when they require our advice.

‘Deadlines’ are a specialty of MLSS and we strive to meet every deadline!

MLSS looks forward to being of service to you and we welcome your telephone call or email, to discuss your requirements further.