How Gavin’s small business grew to a national company

Gavin required assistance with the organisation of his rapidly expanding business being Independent Specialist Engineers and Building Consultants who reported on claims of fires, storms, cyclones and other related areas for businesses and individuals, exclusively for the Insurance industry.

Except for one part-time accounts person, Gavin worked alone and in between trying to make appointments to see clients, co-ordinate 12 subcontractors, undertake all the administration inclusive of secretarial, he felt his business was suffering substantially because he just could not do everything himself.

Most importantly Gavin knew that he required training in Microsoft products and email management, as he had only recently worked with computers (1999).

Gavin found MLSS in the Yellow Pages directory under ‘Local Businesses’ and contacted Marsha to see if she could assist him in the business.

During the period of working with Gavin for 11 years, he relied on Marsha as his P.A. to assist him in the management and growth of the business and basically being his ‘right-hand man!’. This involved taking control of the administration, setting up of new systems and templates, coordinating with the ever-growing subcontractors around Australia, talking and establishing a rapport with his clients and supervising of consultants, engineers and staff as they came on board.

During this period Gavin decided that the company needed a website and asked Marsha to help him with the process of sourcing the perfect web designer and co-ordinating the information and details to be placed on the website.

The company grew to 100 specialist engineers and building consultants within the next few years and the company under the leadership of Gavin and administration and secretarial experience from Marsha and the team, became one of the top providers of specialist reporting in Australia.

Gavin was extremely happy with the assistance that Marsha provided to him on a day-to-day basis and said:
“I could not have established my National business for many years without Marsha’s exceptional organisational and secretarial skills”.

How a busy psychologist felt less anxious?

Jane was a sole operator working as a psychologist with extensive experience in HR and had been in business for many years. She had many internal and external interests and was continually battling major deadlines with her work which was becoming more daunting.

To help alleviate this anxiousness, Jane decided that although she could not justify having a secretary on a day-to-day basis, she did require assistance for particular projects.

Jane found MLSS and spoke to Marsha personally. After discussing her requirements, Jane realised that Marsha would be a great ‘fit’ for her business, especially when she heard that Marsha could not only assist her with secretarial work but had significant experience with transcribing, and Jane felt this could help her to become more organised and outsource various administrative tasks to Marsha.

Jane has felt very comfortable that she can express her clarified information and reports by dictating them for Marsha to transcribe. On a few occasions, Jane has dictated text to be placed into a Power Point presentation. She has trusted Marsha to design the presentation, inclusive of the addition of logos and images and has been indebted to Marsha for her dedication, experience and communication at all levels, to a satisfactory completion of her work.

On one occasion Jane was working on a design for a banner for her client. She had a general idea what she wanted; however consulted with Marsha and together they worked on a design and Marsha produced a desktop publishing draft for the printer to blow up into a large banner. Jane was unsure how to explain this to the printer, so invited Marsha to attend the meeting with the printer. At this meeting Marsha instructed the printer of the brief for Jane and the finished blown up banner was produced. She was ecstatic with the final result and most importantly her clients were too!

Jane has continually worked with Marsha for the last 15 years and is not only a client but a great friend and said:
“Great to work with, a good sense of humour and has never let me down. She is worth her weight in gold to me. Thanks Marsha, for all your hard work!! I look forward to working with you for many more years”.

Solicitors and/or Private Investigator always a deadline!!!

A Solicitor who worked locally had been in business for many years. He was building up his business and there was ongoing correspondence, detailed invoices to be dictated for his secretary to complete, as well as Affidavits and other documentation to be compiled, signed and witnessed. He had a secretary who had worked with him for a while; however, at times she could not keep up with the workload and then there were the holidays when the solicitor had to complete all these tasks himself.

He decided to source somebody to undertake overload transcription work and other secretarial assistance. The solicitor was aware that he needed to find someone who was experienced in transcribing of his dictated work. He had experienced secretaries previously who could not transcribe word for word, which was required especially when he was attending Court on behalf of his clients, where this information was critical

Marsha was able to fill that gap which the solicitor required. He could see that Marsha had extensive experience with transcribing and was very happy that he had found a professional to complete his work when he required these services.

The solicitor found that Marsha was able to assist with other areas of his business which was a bonus for him and gave him more flexibility in attending to other areas of his business, knowing that if he had a deadline, Marsha would come to the rescue!

The Solicitor has said: “I have been a client of MLSS for many years and have found her service a real boom when I have got snowed under”.

A Private Investigator who worked as a sole practitioner continually interviewed individuals on behalf of solicitors. He commenced his business by dictating this work on micro tapes and then gradually used the standard cassette tapes.

He had used the services of Court stenographers in the past but felt that he needed to find a personal secretary who could transcribe these interviews for him. Most importantly as these interviews needed to be transcribed ‘word for word’ it was imperative that this person be efficient in this area.

After combing the Yellow Pages publication, he came across Marsha from MLSS and started working together in this capacity.

Within a short period of time the Private Investigator realised that he had ‘hit the jackpot’ as Marsha and her team transcribed these interviews word for word and was very efficient and completed the work within any deadline he had given her.

Private Investigator said: “I have known Marsha for approximately 22 years and she has transcribed hundreds of audio tapes for me for which she is very competent. My work involves reporting to solicitors on the interviews I have conducted, and the dictation therefore needs to be transcribed word for word for the Court. Marsha is exceptional in this regard and I value her conscientious and professional approach to her work”.

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